Thankful for our Infertility Journey (Part Two)

As I mentioned yesterday, today's post comes from a fellow infertility sister. I asked her to write a short paragraph as to what she is thankful that infertility has brought her. This is what she writes: "9 years ago if you asked me if I knew about infertility I would have said no. But losing... Continue Reading →


Just do IVF!

I love it when people tell us we should 'just do IVF', as if it's some magical medical procedure that will solve all of our problems. I felt the same way when we were just starting out on our infertility journey and were told 'just adopt!' I think most people forget or have no idea... Continue Reading →

Did you know?

Did you know that October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss? Here are seven facts about pregnancy and infant loss you might not know about.

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